Stranger – “Home Tapes: Light and loose” – Frederik Cornelius

Released 29. September 2018

“When I wrote “stranger” I was in a very bad mood. To be honest, I didn’t really feel like I knew the ones I did. I wrote the song to make an attempt of making a song that could be performed with a full orchestra”

Frederik Cornelius

Featured on:

Light and loose (album)

Live at Dk4 (Concert)


Who’s that man sitting over there?
Do I know him from anywhere?
Well thats my best friend I used to know
Didn’t recognize when I said hello

Im just a Stranger, Im just a Stranger

Alone again not much to see
Do I end up causing misery
Do you feel like you know someone
And then you don’t the day she’s gone

Im just a Stranger, Im just a Stranger


Im just a Stranger, Im just a Stranger

Written, Produced and recorded by: Frederik Cornelius Dalby


Red Gretsch Guitar, Höfner Violin Bass, Pearl Drumset.

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