Book a concert

Are you interested in a concert with Frederik Cornelius? Then you’ve come to the right place. At the moment Frederik Cornelius offers two kinds of concerts.

FOR HUNGARIAN ENQUIRIES – :+36 30 435 0694 – hudan.business@gmail.comĀ 

1 – Frederik Cornelius – Original Performance

Original Hits

Frederik Cornelius plays his original hits. Songs like “Where did you go” and “Birds”. Frederik interacts with the audience and tells small stories. 1 – 2 Hour show. Prices may vary.

Cover classics

With a broad repertoire of over 200 songs, Frederik can make even the lousiest feet dance. Sing along on classics like “Country Roads” to more modern-day hits like ” Can’t Stop The Feeling” or rock classics like “Sweet Home Alabama” . a 1 – 4 hour show. Prices may vary.

So are you interested?

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