Who Is Frederik Cornelius?

Under the influence of various musicians such as Jack Johnson , Paul McCartney and John Mayer. Frederik Cornelius is a 21-year old independent “DIY” artists all the way from Denmark whose music feels very “Warm and Honest”. Mentioned in various blogs as; “refreshing to hear a track which has not undergone the artificial polishing of a pop commercial release”. Following the release of “Birds”, FC made his TV-debut on national television. Frederik Cornelius has made his own unique and true to the feeling sound which can be heard throughout his first album. Cornelius and At Your Service have warmed up for some of Denmark’s biggest acts including Halberg – Larsen , Burhan G . And this summer they are sharing stages with bands such as The Minds Of 99 , Suspekt ,Hjalmer, Etc. Frederik Cornelius released his first album called Home Tapes: Light and Loose” on the 29th of September 2018. An inner and true album, in the “Home Tapes” series. The song You and Me – Radio Edit went on to win the award “Min Sang 2018”.

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